Tuesday, March 2, 2010

like this (snippet)

...words can't capture the image of how high I get
Every time we groove like this
We sway so smooth and it comes so easy
I want to do it again
And again
Until i'm no longer breathing
Until my hands are blistered and my soul is seething
Until the acid rains
And the dead feel pain
And the living learn what compassion is
Until my enemies drown in my tears
Until she gets hard
And he gets wet
Can't you see how high I get?
It's the allure of the blue-black ink
The opportunity to share profound thoughts that I think
Or the dumb shit the nonsense
The sad stuff the happiness
The orgasms the soul spasms
The random words
The cries unheard
The mushy shit the hissy fits
Can't you see how high I get
Every time my pen and paper fuck like this?

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