Monday, November 29, 2010

...there's no such thing true friends, just strangers who stick around til they eventually become family love at first sight. no explanation needed. an easy way out. there will always be casualties. a tooth fairy. the boogie man is real though. bad kids, just bad genetic make up, bad parenting, bad thought process... monogomy. even if just your mind is elsewhere, you're still not all in. good sex. either it's awesome or not worth sweating out your curls. a next time. get it right now. a happily ever after, just a content right now. a foolish purchase when shoes are at stake "kinda gay". don't let me hear you say it. i'll slap you. a burnt bridge. trees grow on both sides of the river. rebuild. total peace as long as you're breathing. ugly people. just individuals with a unique facial composition that take a unique eye to see the beauty...typically a cocked or lazy one. too much laughter. too many orgasms. no worries. an end...
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

after midnight jones (conclusion)

each movement so fluid · like waves washing me ashore · where you parallel my legs to the horizon ·  bringing me to tears beneath the stars ·  i miss you before you even arrive · i want to make this last ·  way past midnight · i am anchored to your pleasure · drifting only to muffle your growls · replacing them with my screams · as you paint a portrait so elegant · Rembrandt would be jealous · i’d gladly get lost in the labyrinth of your love’s mystery · and fall unconscious trying to escape ·  never do i wish to wake · but to exist here forever · under your weight · in your arms · on your face · after midnight.

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