Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inside a glass house (unfinished?)

In the center of a house made of glass there is a throne.  Adorned with pearls and diamonds and precious stones.  With cushions made of silk and golden thread, hand sewn.

In the center of this glass house is where she sits.  A glass of merlot in her left hand is what she sips.  In an effort to forget that the world exists.

From the center of her glass house she sees them pass and stare.  The whole world can see the mess she has made in there.  Yet, she’s perched on her throne; seemingly without a care.

As their gazes linger seconds too long, the woman who is watched begins to gather her stones.  The passers by refuse to move along.

She displaces her insecurities upon the lookers on.  With her stones she seeks to do them harm.  Why won’t the passers by move along.

She casts her stones of contention.   But they won’t give her redemption.  It seems that someone failed to mention…

…what you shouldn’t do from the center of glass homes.  She retreats back to her thrown.  But inside is where the weeds have grown.

And the passers by invade her space.  Stand so close that she can feel their lashes on her face.  She wants to flee yet knows they’ll give chase.

As insecurity thickens the air…and she questions if anyone cares…she succumbs to the romantic notion of despair.

One is never alone in a glass house.  Lurking eyes always about.  All windows and no doors, no easy way out.

There used to be a throne.  We all know there were stones.  And passers by, who refused to move along.

Monday, November 29, 2010

...there's no such thing true friends, just strangers who stick around til they eventually become family love at first sight. no explanation needed. an easy way out. there will always be casualties. a tooth fairy. the boogie man is real though. bad kids, just bad genetic make up, bad parenting, bad thought process... monogomy. even if just your mind is elsewhere, you're still not all in. good sex. either it's awesome or not worth sweating out your curls. a next time. get it right now. a happily ever after, just a content right now. a foolish purchase when shoes are at stake "kinda gay". don't let me hear you say it. i'll slap you. a burnt bridge. trees grow on both sides of the river. rebuild. total peace as long as you're breathing. ugly people. just individuals with a unique facial composition that take a unique eye to see the beauty...typically a cocked or lazy one. too much laughter. too many orgasms. no worries. an end...
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

after midnight jones (conclusion)

each movement so fluid · like waves washing me ashore · where you parallel my legs to the horizon ·  bringing me to tears beneath the stars ·  i miss you before you even arrive · i want to make this last ·  way past midnight · i am anchored to your pleasure · drifting only to muffle your growls · replacing them with my screams · as you paint a portrait so elegant · Rembrandt would be jealous · i’d gladly get lost in the labyrinth of your love’s mystery · and fall unconscious trying to escape ·  never do i wish to wake · but to exist here forever · under your weight · in your arms · on your face · after midnight.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's obvious that I something you • everytime you're near I get all kinds of what-ya-call-it inside • you make me want to scream out in some kind of emotion • your touch makes my skin do this thing • I want you to be like, you know • and I feel a certain way about the fact that you're always around • you're like one of those things that stays for a long time • you know those things that when you first get it you're like 'whoa' • then after you've had it for a while you be like...'whoa' • if you were ever to leave or stay I'd be like 'dude' • I just don't know what I would do • with or without you • I think you might see where I'm probably going with this • it's kind of obvious • because every time you ask me that one question I be like 'it's whatever' • and you be like 'huh' • so then i'm like 'come on now' • if you ever wonder how I feel about you • just think back on that one time when I said or did that one thing that made you stay • or go • the answer will be right in front of you • and i'm sure that I might always something you • know what i'm saying?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of these days

One of these days · I’m going to puff my chest out · and tell you to go to hell · Get your Timbs out of my closet · your dirty drawers out of my laundry · take my key off your key ring · And speaking of rings · you can keep this cheap ass cubic zirconium of a broken promise · But that summons for child support court  · yea, that’s yours · These fucking headaches · nights up late · all that desperation that followed you through my door · I’m throwing that shit away · with your Sean John jeans · Girbaud shirts and your Coogi short sets · garbage bagging all your baggage and dropping it off at your mammy’s house · All the throwing up from crying so hard from stressing so much from fretting bout us · Nigga I’m done · No more falling to my knees to please you · Walking around the house in boy shorts and clear heel to tease you · En la cocina con yuca y carne para alimentarle · Speaking Spanish to intrigue you · I’mma be done with all that shit · One of these days · When I find the strength to tell you to kiss my ass · I ain’t staying in this house alone for another dusk til dawn · while you run the streets · claiming you in the trap because we gotta eat · So why every time you come through that threshold · your pockets less hold than what you got from me the night before · I’mma tell your cousin and ‘nem that the days of them sleeping on my couch have passed · It goes ass, grass or gas · And I don’t wanna fuck ‘em · I don’t smoke weed · and we ain’t going nowhere · so get the fuck out of here · and you · you might as well follow suit ‘cause ain’t a damn thing but grief left here for you · Truth be told · I should’ve turned running the moment I saw you coming · but that Goose had me buzzing · and as soon as you put your tongue in · I went dumb · year after year · I pretended that you were someone different · Ignoring what my spirit said · my girls hollerin’· That must’ve been some damn good head ‘cause girl that nigga got you stuck · but one of these days · I’mma get the fuck up · pack a bag for me and the baby · take a trip in my Mercedes….one of these days I’mma get a Mercedes · with the money I save on bail · commissary · pregnancy tests · psychiatrists · a few dollars so you can re-up · Yea. One of these days the tide is gonna come in · and wash away all the shit you brung in · and leave my heart cleansed · One of these days.

Friday, May 14, 2010

untitled (snippet)

when that broken record stopped spinning
the song seemed to fade away
the lyrics a vague memory
forgotten at the start of a new day
his face
It recalls memories
Of the ever bittersweet
His touch
Just as deadly
Knocking me right off my feet
The way he devours my soul
As if I were his only nourishment
The way he rocks with me slow
Can't escape the descent
Interactions so clumsy
As if a millennia had gone by
A flood so mighty
Where before all waters had run dry
Kisses drip so sweetly
Like a mouth full of berries
A moment so unreal that i'd dare not tarry
If I blink too fast it may all be a mirage
Images on the wall in an erotic collage
Regrets may come at sunrise
So for now in the dark
Let the friction of our bodies
Light the fickle spark

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Classic (snippet from the follow up untitled project)

Come closer as I light my incense
Let this patchouli tickle your third sense
Ares and Eros be our witness
All I need to light the fire is one kiss
Hey Sampson let me be your Delilah
Come close, I want to play in your dreadlocks
Peel my grapes and call me Cleopatra
Let me run my hand over your Caesar
The silhouette of your frame
Ignites an inferno
Lean  physique and perfect ass
Skin the color of espresso
The scent of sandalwood perfumes the air
Infuses with the lemongrass
On my honey flesh bare
I close my eyes
And reach my hand to the rough of your chin
To the hard of your dick
The smooth of your skin
Let my tongue graze your mouth
Your tongue tastes of cloves and wine
When I venture further south
Still tastes of cloves and wine