Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pussycat Secrets (unfinished. indefinitely.)

Black cat say perched upon my window sill
Blew the smoke in his face, yet he remained still
Stared deep into my thoughts with those haunting green eyes
I heard him whisper in my mind, the tale of my demise
Like the raven at the door chanting nevermore
Black cat echoes the pains of a hustler's former whore
The life lived before enlightenment continues to peer through my window
Skeleton bones will always clatter in the closet wherever I go
The horse of a different color is still the ass that hauls the load
Even though her mane has changed from Satan's red to halo gold
And the black cat will know my secrets even when back to hell it's sent
Never silenced even when it's buried with the sins in the basement...

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