Sunday, March 7, 2010


They couldn't see the walls because they were staring through the windows. But oh, my angels, one cannot mistake the cold slap of concrete when veracity suddenly reveals herself.

The high altitude of imagination always have her a nosebleed. She continued to climb in hopes that one day she could touch a star. I suppose no one ever told her that stars are far too hot to grasp.

Seemingly content on slumming, he relishes in the uncertainty that the gutter held. Like a cracker jack box, he never knew what prize was waiting...and once he got it he realized he didn't even want it. Ain't that the way it always goes.

Fragments of forever reveal themselves into dreams deferred. Listen close when I sing, my loves: life cannot be planned just because you have a ledger. If time has taught you anything, it is that our feeble little schemes have not a place in the greater tapestry. Don't dare tug a single thread or else your diluted illusions of existence will unravel right before those somnolent eyes.

They found that they knew nothing. They realized that they believed everything. That happy medium is only achieved at death. Damn, whoever said ignorance is bliss must have been breathing outside himself.

Chaos, my children. Chaos.

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