Monday, March 29, 2010


I plan on being that voice that haunts you

Making it hard for you to sleep peacefully

That weeping face that you see

Every time you decide to rest your eyes

I want to be what hurts you

The thought that makes you mad

The wilted heartbeat

The sight that makes you sad

I want to be your bad dream

And your regret

That anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach

I want to be that sour taste in the back of your throat

Want to be your demise

Your eerie full moon

Let me be your torment

Waking up from a nightmare

Suppressing a scream

You jolt awake just in time to witness my silhouette

As I exit wistfully

You can search and sift and seek

But I can never be found

Because I’m just that voice that haunts you

That face that taunts you

I am those crying eyes that make it hard for you to see


The she that makes you afraid of the dark

I’m dying to be your frightening mystery

Your nightmare

Your terror

I want to be

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