Sunday, April 4, 2010

Classic (snippet from the follow up untitled project)

Come closer as I light my incense
Let this patchouli tickle your third sense
Ares and Eros be our witness
All I need to light the fire is one kiss
Hey Sampson let me be your Delilah
Come close, I want to play in your dreadlocks
Peel my grapes and call me Cleopatra
Let me run my hand over your Caesar
The silhouette of your frame
Ignites an inferno
Lean  physique and perfect ass
Skin the color of espresso
The scent of sandalwood perfumes the air
Infuses with the lemongrass
On my honey flesh bare
I close my eyes
And reach my hand to the rough of your chin
To the hard of your dick
The smooth of your skin
Let my tongue graze your mouth
Your tongue tastes of cloves and wine
When I venture further south
Still tastes of cloves and wine

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