Friday, May 14, 2010

untitled (snippet)

when that broken record stopped spinning
the song seemed to fade away
the lyrics a vague memory
forgotten at the start of a new day
his face
It recalls memories
Of the ever bittersweet
His touch
Just as deadly
Knocking me right off my feet
The way he devours my soul
As if I were his only nourishment
The way he rocks with me slow
Can't escape the descent
Interactions so clumsy
As if a millennia had gone by
A flood so mighty
Where before all waters had run dry
Kisses drip so sweetly
Like a mouth full of berries
A moment so unreal that i'd dare not tarry
If I blink too fast it may all be a mirage
Images on the wall in an erotic collage
Regrets may come at sunrise
So for now in the dark
Let the friction of our bodies
Light the fickle spark

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