Sunday, June 13, 2010

One of these days

One of these days · I’m going to puff my chest out · and tell you to go to hell · Get your Timbs out of my closet · your dirty drawers out of my laundry · take my key off your key ring · And speaking of rings · you can keep this cheap ass cubic zirconium of a broken promise · But that summons for child support court  · yea, that’s yours · These fucking headaches · nights up late · all that desperation that followed you through my door · I’m throwing that shit away · with your Sean John jeans · Girbaud shirts and your Coogi short sets · garbage bagging all your baggage and dropping it off at your mammy’s house · All the throwing up from crying so hard from stressing so much from fretting bout us · Nigga I’m done · No more falling to my knees to please you · Walking around the house in boy shorts and clear heel to tease you · En la cocina con yuca y carne para alimentarle · Speaking Spanish to intrigue you · I’mma be done with all that shit · One of these days · When I find the strength to tell you to kiss my ass · I ain’t staying in this house alone for another dusk til dawn · while you run the streets · claiming you in the trap because we gotta eat · So why every time you come through that threshold · your pockets less hold than what you got from me the night before · I’mma tell your cousin and ‘nem that the days of them sleeping on my couch have passed · It goes ass, grass or gas · And I don’t wanna fuck ‘em · I don’t smoke weed · and we ain’t going nowhere · so get the fuck out of here · and you · you might as well follow suit ‘cause ain’t a damn thing but grief left here for you · Truth be told · I should’ve turned running the moment I saw you coming · but that Goose had me buzzing · and as soon as you put your tongue in · I went dumb · year after year · I pretended that you were someone different · Ignoring what my spirit said · my girls hollerin’· That must’ve been some damn good head ‘cause girl that nigga got you stuck · but one of these days · I’mma get the fuck up · pack a bag for me and the baby · take a trip in my Mercedes….one of these days I’mma get a Mercedes · with the money I save on bail · commissary · pregnancy tests · psychiatrists · a few dollars so you can re-up · Yea. One of these days the tide is gonna come in · and wash away all the shit you brung in · and leave my heart cleansed · One of these days.

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