Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It's obvious that I something you • everytime you're near I get all kinds of what-ya-call-it inside • you make me want to scream out in some kind of emotion • your touch makes my skin do this thing • I want you to be like, you know • and I feel a certain way about the fact that you're always around • you're like one of those things that stays for a long time • you know those things that when you first get it you're like 'whoa' • then after you've had it for a while you be like...'whoa' • if you were ever to leave or stay I'd be like 'dude' • I just don't know what I would do • with or without you • I think you might see where I'm probably going with this • it's kind of obvious • because every time you ask me that one question I be like 'it's whatever' • and you be like 'huh' • so then i'm like 'come on now' • if you ever wonder how I feel about you • just think back on that one time when I said or did that one thing that made you stay • or go • the answer will be right in front of you • and i'm sure that I might always something you • know what i'm saying?

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