Wednesday, February 24, 2010

if i could pray for perfect

If I prayed for perfect
It would be a night equipped with full moon
Brisk October air caressing bare Nubian flesh
Sands adrift on sleepless currents
Arizona nights and Bermuda days
Crushed peppermint leaves
At the bottom of hot chocolate mugs
Silent enemies
One true friend
If I had the gall to pray for perfect
It would be cultured man
With verse on his tongue
The scent of my happy on his lips
Man with battle scars and king dreams
Spirit everlasting beyond tangible reason
A heart that beat in sync with my breathing
Man with thirst for revolution
Man who would carry my seed if I asked him
If I had the courage to pray for perfect
It would be child of God
A cherub of wondrous joy
An infant with the soul of Mary Magdalene
Pure of heart beyond the spoils of her mother’s sins
Child have eyes of oracle
She sees disaster a foot
And smiles because she knows she still can
Child make everything feel alright
If I had the time to pray for perfect
It would be a pen that never ran dry
Bleed inspiration through bruised fingertips
Molds all sour words into epic stratosphere
Scribes in colors of queens of Egypt land
Screams loud from parchment paper
Tells what should rhyme and what should flow
Reassures that this one is a little better than the last
Brings peace to the seers
The hearers
And the doers
Of its words
If I ever should pray for perfect
My words would simply be this
Give me perfect after sight
Grant me perfect kiss
Let my perfect be mine
Let my faults be lessons
Make my husband just as imperfect
Make my children my blessings
If I could pray for perfect
I would pray for me.

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